Sea Turtle Hatchery

From rehabilitation of injured sea turtles to providing a safe nesting ground, the sea turtle hatchery in Sri Lanka aims at protecting and saving the sea turtles that visit the golden shores of the island.
Distance 7 km

Main Highlights

Types of sea turtles – Leatherback, Loggerhead, Olive Ridley, Green Turtle & Hawksbill.

Distance to the hatchery – 7 km

Visiting Hours- 8.00 am to 6.00 pm

Rescued baby turtle floating on the waters of the hikkaduwa turtle hatchery

Experience Includes

Visit the local sea turtle hatchery with your own guide.

  • Release of baby turtles – 5:30pm (additional cost)
  • Private guide
  • Water bottles
  • Cold towels
  • Refreshments