Jungle Spa

Set within a verdant jungle environment, the healing elements of tropical winds and the soothing lap of the lake waters merged with 100% natural, locally sourced spa products, Haritha Spa, a resort focusing on health and wellness is a haven for your mind, body and soul.

Wellness at its Finest

Educate yourself on the benefits and basics of Ayurveda; from maintaining a healthy lifestyle to cooking nourishing meals.

Sensual and Holistic

A consultation with our resident Ayurvedic doctor followed by a tailored menu for each guest.
Designed to keep you fit and healthy during your stay, work off a sweat with our 24-hour, well- equipped gym.
Practise the ancient art of yoga in our Yoga Pavilion, overlooking the lake or visit the local monastery for a serene meditation session.
Haritha Spa also offers herbal baths, manicure and pedicure rooms and an onsite Ayurvedic doctor’s office.
Luxury spa treatment at Haritha Villas & Spa, Hikkaduwa
Luxury spa treatment, Body scrub at Haritha Villas & Spa, Hikkaduwa
Luxury spa treatment at Haritha Villas & Spa, Hikkaduwa
Entrance to Luxury spa area at Haritha Villas & Spa, Hikkaduwa

Exquisite Features

Special facilities have been added to ensure your entire body is relaxed and refreshed during your stay at our luxury spa resort.

Vichy Shower

The high-pressured Vichy shower is designed to relax your body and prepare it for your massage.

Steam Bath

Enjoy a hot steam bath followed by a soothing massage at our Jungle Spa.

Sauna & Jacuzzi

The ideal end to your spa treatment, head over to our sauna or jacuzzi for ultimate rejuvenation.